Heirloom Huppah
Heirloom Huppah Costs

The huppah is the marriage canopy under which
the marriage rite of Judaism takes place.
Enveloped by the beautiful quilt, the bride and
groom experience the stages of erusin and
nissuin, or betrothal and marriage. The huppah
is not only used in a ceremonial manner, but also provides a decorative function, mounted on
the wall, for example.

Each Heirloom Huppah client receives a
customed designed huppah with the name
of the bride and groom in both Hebrew and
English (or language of their choice.) The client chooses the colors and symbols. Each heirloom huppah is approximately 5 ft. 6" X 3 ft. 9", and takes 2 months to complete. Emergency requests can be accommodated.